We are manufacturer of HDPFE pipe,HDPE fttings and fusion machinery since 1992. With around 30 years' experience in this industry,with innovation and strong team in R&D, smart joint aims to provide a full solution for the PE pipe joints.
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PERT II Piping System for hot water & industry

PE-RTII is a high performance hexane-based compound primarily intended for hot(80°C) & cold water pipe as well as demanding industrial pipe applications.

      PERT II is widely acknowleged in different countries, besides the civil hot/cold water supply, spring water, geothermo,there are also applications for winnery industry, oiling and gas, power plant,industrial fluid ect.

       The pipe divided into 3 layers,The inner layer is the PE-RT II pressure pipe,high temperature&stress resistance.The middle layer is the PU foam(polyurethane),excellent inslulation function, heat conductivity only 0.032W/mK.The outer layer is protection layer,made by HDPE thin wall pipe.

Joint type is convenient and same with HDPE,those are electrofusion,butt fusion,flange joint and threaded joint.

All fittings supplied by Smart Joint are manufactured according to the appropriate industry standards with the mechanical joint between the metal and PE fully end loading.

Suitable for electrofusion welding on site but also available separately for manifold applications or pre fabrication. Other materials and threads are available upon request depending on specialist applications. A simple but effective solution for connections, used by many operators internationally.

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